Terra Bella ST Alastor Moody

(We will try to get a new shaved pic when the weather warms up!)

Date of Birth - February 24th, 2015

ADGA: D1742292    AGS: D-76737

We feel so blessed to have Alastor as our herd sire right now. His pedigree is rock solid and his sire, *B Old Mountain Farm Stalactite, was one of the very nicest bucks I've seen. Alastor's dam, Bannerfield Farm Moody Blue *D AR 2*M, has an absolutely lovely udder with the longest milkable teats I've ever seen on a Nigerian Dwarf! I love Alastor's nice, tight shoulders and his long, level body length and depth as well as overall super dairy character. He is a sturdy little buck too! He has an extremely curious, spunky and affectionate personality. If there's something to get into, Alastor will be the first to find it! He's a striking black buck with a heavy white overlay with roaning, and black bull's eye markings over each eye. We have been extremely pleased with his kids and we're looking forward to getting him on Linear Appraisal this year of 2018! 

Alastor's Dam: Bannerfield Farm Moody Blue 2*M, *D

"Moody" has an absolutely beautiful udder - one that we hope Alastor passes on to all his daughters! We like her long, milkable teats too! 

Alastor's Sire: *B Old Mountain Farm Stalactite
He is a proven mammary buck with several of his daughters and granddaughters winning in the show ring. He has one finished daughter so far, CH Udder Utopia Cinderella.

(photos of Moody and Stalactite courtesy of 
Kristen Terra of Terra Bella Ranch)

Sire & Dam
 Grandsires & Granddams
+B SG Old Mountain Farm Stag (AR2013, ST2012, LA2008)
*B Old Mountain Farm Stalactite
AGS Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue 1*M (AR 2009, LA 2016)
 AGS Reed's Golden Elvis
AGS Bannerfield Farm Moody Blue *D 2*M (AR2015, AR2841)
 AGS Kid'n Acres DOM Esther 1*M (AR2013, LA2014)

Tiny Town Charlotte's Web *D 3*M AR

The picture above is of a VERY pregnant Charlotte in winter.

Charlotte's 2nd freshening udder
at 3 weeks fresh, 10-hour fill.

(photo of Charlotte on left courtesy of Jane Bailey of Andover Meadow Farm - Tiny Town Goats)

Date of Birth: April 29th, 2012

ADGA: D1631667    AGS: D-85922

Charlotte is just lovely and we absolutely love her lines! She has a beautiful and very correct udder that is butter soft with very large, plumb teats and big orifices that just gush the milk out. She is an absolute joy to milk! She has been on milk test since 2017 and easily earned her advanced registry milking star. She is a solid, steady milker. She is a pretty chocolate buckskin color with white poll, frosting on ears and muzzle and blue eyes. Charlotte's pedigree is stellar with tons of proven milk and show quality genetics behind her. Charlotte is extremely affectionate and is like our little shadow, following us around everywhere and wanting to "help" with all the chores. My husband and I like her so much, we retained one of her doelings, Kingsfold SS Meadow, (see below) and are excited to see how she develops!

Kidding History:

(Charlotte's first kidding was with a previous owner-
She dam raised her kids but the number of kids and genders are unknown to us.)

January 28th, 2017 - Triplets 1 buck 2 does (one doe is retained)

March 20th, 2018 - Triplets 2 bucks 1 doe

Sire & Dam:
 Grandsires & Granddams:
  ++*B MI Sugarcreek TW Tune's XM *S (AR2011, ST2016)
*B Dill's XM Alabama (LA2013, 2012)
 SG AGS Dill's LD Remember 3*D 3*M (AR2010, LA2012, 2008)
 AGS Green Gate Xfile
 SGCH Tiny Town Blue Bayou 2*M (AR2012, ST2012, LA2012, 2012)
 SG AGS Ground Rush Rhapsodie En Bleu 1*M (ST2011, LA2010)

Kyeema Ridge Neon Sky

(Photos of Sky courtesy of Kyeema Ridge.) 

Photo on left and udder pics are of Sky in 2015 as a first freshener.


Date of Birth: April 16th, 2013

ADGA: D1708537P    AGS: D92015H

LA 2015 - VEVV 88 (first freshener!)

Sky is just about everything we could ask for in a goat - very correct, lovely conformation, a little powerhouse of a milker, and a super friendly personality that makes these little goats such a great choice for families. Sky is polled (naturally hornless). Her general appearance is quite lovely and she received a Linear Appraisal score of 88 as a first freshener which speaks loudly for her correct conformation. She is built with strong dairy character and has an absolutely beautiful udder with extremely easy-to-milk teats with large orifices that just flow the milk out. Sky is currently on milk test this year of 2018 and should easily earn her milking stars. She is a beautiful chocolate buckskin pinto with golden eyes. 

Kidding History:

2015 - Triplets does (Sire: Old Mountain Farm Pasang)

2016 - Twin Does (Sire: CH Kyeema Ridge Gunsmoke)

March 22th, 2018 - Triplets 1 buck 2 does

Sire & Dam:
 Grandsires & Granddams:
Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby ++*B
 Dawnland Tabby's Checkerspot VEV-87
TX Twincreeks Butterfly Dance
 MI Sugarcreek NT Sil's Winston *B
 SG Piddlin Acres W Neon Aurora VEVE-89
 Piddlin Acres Neon Moon 1*M

Sweet Garden FC Diantha *D 4*M AR

Left picture: ADGA Nationals where Diantha placed 15th in a class of 38.

Right Picture: Diantha's 2nd freshening udder,

12-hour fill.

(Photos courtesy of Sweet Garden Goats)

Date of Birth: February 22nd, 2014

ADGA: D1675812P    AGS: (D-88323H)

LA 2015 - VE+V 85

Our beautiful sweet-natured Diantha is polled (naturally hornelss) and is a perfectly lovely doe with lots of strong dairy character. She is long, level and has nice depth and width - just a beautiful doe in every way! I like how strong and sturdy she is with a large body capacity. She can carry a large load of babies and pushes them out with a strength that is amazing! Her rear and front leg set are very strong and correct. She has an amazing, super soft udder with long, extremely easy-to-milk teats and large orifices that gush out the milk. She is like a little cow - so fun and extremely easy to milk and she has outstanding milk stand manners. We were thrilled to add Diantha to our milking team in 2017 and are continuing the hard work her previous owner did with her on milk test since then. She easily earned her AGS milking star on One Day Test with us and continued to easily earn her advanced registry title with us in 2017. Diantha boasts an impressive pedigree with lots of milk and show quality genetics behind her. She is a super sweet, friendly, and VERY gentle-natured doe. She is a stunning buckskin coloring with an extremely heavy white overlay with pretty golden eyes. We are only parting with Diantha because we're retaining her kids. 

Linear Appraisal
2015 - VE+V 85 (yearling first freshener)

Show History
(Only ADGA Sanctioned -- Reserves, Grands, and Major Competitions)

May 2014 - MDGA Memorial Weekend Show Ring Two
Junior Grand Champion and

July 2014 - ADGA Nationals
Seventh Place Senior Kid

July 2016 - ADGA Nationals
15th Place 2-Year Old

Kidding History:

2015 - Twins 1 buck 1 doe

2016 - Twins 2 does

April 4th, 2017 - Quints 2 bucks 3 does

March 22nd, 2018 - Quints 2 bucks 3 does
Sire & Dam
 Grandsires & Granddams
  Flat Rocks Night Raven
  Fairlea Frederic Chopin
  GCH Fairlea Marguerite 4*M, EEEE 91
  BRB Tiny Town FU Manchu, V+E 87
  GCH Tiny Town Treble 3*M, VEEE 90
  SG Tiny Town Blue Suede Shoes 2*M, V+E+ 86


Kingsfold SS Meadow

(Bad picture of Meadow as a yearling - We will get a better picture of Meadow when she freshens!)

Date of Birth: January 28th, 2017

ADGA: D1860327    AGS: D87898

Meadow is a quiet, laid-back doe we retained from our favorite doe, Charlotte. We really like her sire, *+B SG Tiny Town Sunny Surprise (Elite buck of 2016) whose littermate sister, SGCH Tiny Town Topaz 1*M earned a Top Ten milker of 2014! Sunny's last LA score was VVE 88 and his sire was ranked #1 Elite buck. He is a proven mammary buck and we are thrilled to add his superior genetics to our small herd. Meadow's dam, Tiny Town Charlotte's Web, is our very favorite doe to milk with a super buttery soft udder and extra large, plumb teats and orifices that gush out the milk. We are so excited about this pairing and the opportunity to retain Meadow. She is a sweet young doe that is extremely affectionate and gentle. She already enjoys receiving grain and peanuts on the milk stand. We are hoping this lovey girl will follow in her dam and sire's footsteps to be very correct and an excellent producer with good udder/teat conformation. We are looking forward to watching her grow! Meadow is a solid light cream color with blue eyes.
Sire & Dam
 Grandsire & Granddam
SG  NC PromisedLand SIA Samurai
 *+B SG Tiny Town Sunny Surprise  LA VVE 88
 CH Piddlin Acres BZ Gold Elegance
 *B Dill's XM Alabama (LA 2013, 2012)
 Tiny Town Charlotte's Web *D 3*M AR2017
 SGCH Tiny Town Blue Bayou 2*M (AR 2012, ST 2012, LA 2012)