Kingsfold AM Misty River

 Black and white with heavy roaning and brown eyes


Diantha x Alastor

Date of Birth: 3/22/2018

This sweet, sweet girl is a quiet, affectionate little beauty. She reminds me very much of her sweet mama in looks and personality. Her dam, Diantha (aka Dotty) received an LA score of 85 as a FF. Please see her pictures and profile on the "Meet the Herd - Bucks & Does" page. River's sire is our resident buck, Alastor Please see his picture and profile on the "Meet the Herd - Bucks & Does" page. The more I watch River mature, the more I'm pleased with her developing conformation. I'd love to keep her but we have to keep numbers to a minimum during this busy season of our lives. She should be an excellent performance animal in show and for milk production. She is maturing into a strong, sturdy doeling with a nice long, level, very dairy body type and her teats are quite large and long already. She is quite lovely...and if she doesn't sell we'll be only WAY too happy to keep her here and prove her quality. 

2018 Kidding Schedule
 Birth Date
 Buck/Wether Price
 Doe Price
 Alastor x Charlotte *D
Triplets born 3/20/18 
2 bucks 1 doe
  NA/$150 ALL SOLD
 $500 ALL SOLD
 Alastor x Diantha *D
Quintuplets born 3/22/18 
2 bucks 3 does
   $400/$150 ALL SOLD
 $500 One gorgeous black & white heavily roaned doeling left!
 Lady Walkers Mercury's Legend x Sky LA 88
Triplets born 3/22/18 
1 buck 2 does
 $400/$150 ALL SOLD
 $500 ALL SOLD


As of summer 2010, our entire herd has been tested negative for CAE & Johnes through Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab (WADDL). When building our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat herd, we were very careful to buy from breeders that test or had bought from tested herds. Our herd is closed - meaning that we do not attend shows (instead we choose to participate in Linear Appraisals) and are very careful that no strange goats are allowed onto our property to ensure that our herd health is not compromised by potential diseases.

All our goat kids are purebred and registerable with American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and American Goat Society (AGS) and Nigerian Dwarf Goat Society (NDGA) as well as any other miniature goat dairy associations. Goat kids are weaned and ready to go to their new home by 2-3 months of age. We maintain a small herd and strive to achieve the very best excellence in our breeding program, ensuring that our goats have the absolute best to offer in show quality and in the milk pail plus extremely friendly personalities to make them great pets and/or 4-H projects. All our kids are dam-raised and receive plenty of human contact since birth.

We disbud all our goats and start them on an herbal deworming program before leaving our ranch for their new homes. Multiple goat purchase discounts are available.

If you are interested in holding a kid from a particular pairing, please contact us. All deposits are non-refundable UNLESS the animal desired becomes unavailable. Failure to pick up your animal(s) in a timely manner when they are weaned and ready for pickup will result in the animal being put back up for sale again and your deposit will not be refunded. 

$100 deposit for bucklings and doelings:

$50 for wethers

We maintain the right to retain any kids from any pairing. In the event that the kid of your choice is not available or not produced, you may put your deposit toward another kid of choice or be fully refunded. This will compensate for any potential sales lost while the kid was listed as sold.

All unretained, unsold bucklings are wethered at 3 months of age. Wethers are discounted for 4-H/show families with children under 18. Please contact us if you are interested in a wether so we can retain one (or two) for you.

We will not sell a goat to a single goat home. Goats are social herd animals and are very unhappy without a fellow goat companion, no matter how much human contact or other animals kept with them.

Full payment must be received prior to any goat leaving our ranch. If bringing the balance of payment at pick-up, please bring cash as we cannot accept personal checks. We highly recommend that new goat people learn as much as they can about goats before they consider purchasing them. The joy they provide our family has proven to be very rewarding!