4Farthings CC Sprinkle Moonpie "Ruby"

Date of Birth - 2/20/2020

Purebred Nubian 

Sweet Ruby loves people and is very affectionate. She is an absolute joy to hand milk. Her udder is buttery soft with large orifices that gush out the milk. She is super calm and extremely well-mannered on the milk stand and patiently endures many small hands learning to milk a goat. She is a treasure!

Kidding History:

April 2, 2021 - single doeling

March 13, 2022 - twin doelings

Sire & Dam
 Grandsires & Granddams
Creamer's LF Desert's Eli
Ages Ago Acres Count Chocula
Ages Ago Acres Midnight Sun
 M*L Legacy Spirit Sweet Sealey
4Farthings Sundae's Sprinkles
  Kismet Smooth Sundae 5*M AR2012

J&M Hideaway AT Moonpie "Maggie"

Date of Birth - 3/11/2021

Purebred Nubian 

Maggie is a pretty little doe, super sweet and friendly. Her conformation is very nice and she has a socked on udder with good teat placement. She is VERY well-mannered on the milk stand, especially as a FF! She is a sweetheart!

Kidding History:

March 2022 - single buckling

Sire & Dam:
 Grandsires & Granddams:
SG Wingwood Farm TL Atlas +*B AR2018 ST2020
Redwood Hills Atlas Titan *B
Redwood Hills True Twinkle 9*M AR2016 LA 2018
CH J&M Hideaway Nevada Goldstirke *B LA 2019, 2018
  J&M Hideaway Mississippimudpie
SGCH J&M Hideaway LMF I See Fire 1*M AR2018 LA2019,2018,2017